The San River seen from the Sobień Castle - Author: Lowdown,

History and modernity of fly competitions in Poland and in the world

Fly fishing competitions have been organized in Poland for over half a century. The Dunajec Cup named is Professor Bronisław Romaniszyn, considered the oldest of the currently held competitions, which were held for the 59th time in the 2022 season. The first edition of this competition probably took place in 1963. The Polish Championships in fly fishing have been held since 1977. In 2021, they were held for the 44rd time. In the Grand Prix series were played, so called I leagues: Vistula Cup, San Cup, and Autumn San Grayling. In addition to events played in the actual season, in the history of fly competitions in Poland, played in previous years, you can also mention: the Beaver Cup, the Podbeskidzie Cup, the Autumn Grayling Łupawa River, the Podhale Cup and the Poprad Grayling. Fly fishing championships in Poland take place at the circle, district and country level. Each wheel champion has the right to compete in district competitions. Winning in a circle qualifies for participation in the Polish Championships. Winning the title of Polish Champion, he qualifies for the national team in fly fishing, he may be appointed to represent the country at international competitions and he way opens for him to win the title of European Champion or World Champion. The history of international competitions dates back to 1981, when the World Championships were played in Luxembourg for the first time. The first ever European Championships took place in 1995 in England.

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